Our connection with the natural environment is an integral part of our well-being, both physically and mentally, that we often sidetrack. Through my research I discovered that mood levels became elevated just by being outdoors in a natural landscape. As we become more occupied by our jobs and other technological distractions we are unable to set aside time for ourselves in nature. Through augmented reality (AR) and digitally rendered environments, we can use the technology of our mobile devices to spark interest into real world natural environments and remind ourselves of what we are overlooking. Using 3D-modeling software Blender, I was able to craft four natural environments through different seasons, each accompanied by individually recorded and mixed soundtracks. This AR experience will allow the user to experience four different seasons of nature from their smartphones.

If you have the Zappar app please scan the barcode on the right, otherwise scan the webAR barcode on the left.

This poster allows you to experience the immersive 3D modeled and rendered environments through all 4 seasons. Scan either of the barcodes above to experience the 4 natural seasons of NaturEscape. 
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